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Civil Engineering


Wohnrade Civil Engineers is a Colorado-based civil engineering consulting firm that implements a relationship-based business model and works in close collaboration with our clients.  We identify and resolve potential issues throughout the course of the project to ensure successful completion.  We pay meticulous attention to detail, resulting in fewer changes during the design and construction phases of the project.  This reduces engineering and construction costs for the client and ensures a well-managed, streamlined process.

We invite you to get acquainted with our team of experienced engineers that are developing cost-effective solutions to challenging problems every day.  Our dedicated professionals will create a personal, collaborative experience that exceeds all expectations.

Our Core Competencies

Aerial View of a Suburb



  • Residential

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Civic/Municipal

  • Office

  • Retail

  • Industrial

  • Recreation

WCE has the technical and regulatory expertise to guide your project every step of the way so you can make the most out of your unique site. We will exceed your project objectives while addressing regulatory complexities and environmental challenges.  




  • Local Roads

  • State Highways

  • Traffic Signals and Intersections

  • Roundabouts

  • Railroad Tracks and Crossings

  • Trails and Bike Paths

  • Road Rehabilitation

From traffic management and right of way, to utilities coordination and construction, the consultants at WCE continuously provide accurate and timely delivery for roadway projects. The consultant team at WCE is recognized for the ability to repeatedly deliver exceptional value and service from road and transportation projects. 

Image by USGS


  • FEMA Map Revisions (LOMR /CLOMR / LOMA)

  • Floodplain Delineation

  • Flood Risk Assessments & Mitigation

  • Future Development Conditions Impact Studies

  • No Rise Certifications

  • Drone LiDAR Mapping

WCE has a successfully history in obtaining FEMA flood map revisions for entire subdivisions, and private property owners. With our one time service Homeowners have benefitted from a significant decrease in annual flood insurance premiums. 



  • Transmission and Distribution Pipelines

  • Water Collection Systems

  • On-Call Municipal/Public Entity Services

Our civil engineers apply the latest water resource technologies to revitalize an aging infrastructure in both rural and urban water districts. Our engineers are designing numerous water pipelines and pump stations for water storage reservoirs and water treatment facilities.

Image by Marco Bicca


  • Storm Sewer Design

  • Drainage Management Plans (DMPs)

  • Watershed Master Planning

  • Open Channels, Canals, Culverts

  • Detention/Retention Basins

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

  • Erosion and Sediment Control

  • On-Call Municipal/Public Entity Services

At WCE our clients turn to use for reliable storm water solutions by engineers and hydrologists with experience in managing storm water flows for rural and urban communities. We offer expert planning for extreme flood conditions or ongoing storm water management and planning efforts.


Pipe Machining and Cutting


  • Trunklines

  • Collector Lines

  • Pump Stations and Force Main

  • Facilities Rehabilitation and Replacement

  • Pipeline Relocation

  • On-Call Municipal/Public Entity Services

WCE brings experience and insight into, wastewater treatment, wastewater management and sanitary sewer collection systems. Utilizing our expertise, our clients receive unparalleled solutions to their unique wastewater needs. 

Analysing Data


Special Districts

  • Fire Protection

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Sanitation

  • Street Improvement

  • Solid Waste Disposal

  • Transportation

  • Water

  • Mosquito Control

The objective of a Cost Verification and Certification report is to provide a Metropolitan District with a schedule of Reimbursable Costs for Public Improvements associated with the design and construction of the site public infrastructure.

DJI Inspire 2 Drone.png



Topographic Mapping

Geohazard Mapping

Orthomosaic Mapping

LiDAR Mapping

LiDAR Classification

Digital Terrain Models

Increase efficiency and decrease costs. Drones have permanently changed the landscape of civil engineering, for the better. Higher data resolution and overall integrity streamline the professional design process, making your workflows easier and more efficient.

Drones have permanently changed the landscape of civil engineering for the better



Higher Accuracy

Complete Picture

Improved Workflow

AdobeStock_102004333 (1).jpeg
Complete Picture 2.png
Improve Efficiency.png
DJI Inspire 2 Drone.png

Consistently satisfying the UAS Mapping needs of our engineering and surveying clients across Colorado. For each of these projects, we deliver engineering-grade data for seamless integration with popular CAD and GIS software packages.


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