The Difference is Clear

Complete Data Coverage

Design With confidence


Our engineering and GIS products integrate seamlessly with:

Aerial Imagery

Capture and map every detail of every inch of your project, no matter the size. 


LAS Point Cloud

More detail through higher density delivers a more complete model.

Digital Surface Model

No matter what contour interval you require, WCE can deliver.

Accuracy Reporting 
- delivered with each drone deliverable -



Project Approach


We can accommodate total data privacy by staying out of the clouds.

Cloud-based flight management systems are often unreliable in the field and present the risk of data privacy violations.


Localized advanced flight management systems, providing WCE flight operators secure autonomous control, systems monitoring, and communication our fleet of Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Experience Matters

 With hundreds of flight hours logged, our 107 Certified crew has successfully delivered engineering quality mapping products since 2015.

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