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Engineering expertise and exceptional service. See what our team of engineers, with over 100 years combined experience, can do for your project. 

Preconstruction UAS Survey & Mapping

Thoroughly map your project site like never before. UAS mapping generates high definition topography and imagery accurate enough for engineering.


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We develop enduring relationships with our clients who recognize the value in the services we provide. Our team of engineers has experience in all phases of planning, design, approval, and construction. This ensures a successful project, which meets client expectations, project schedule, and budget. We implement our refined best management practices to deliver successful projects of all sizes for clients in several states.

We also bring intangible assets to our projects that are not always readily apparent, but extremely valuable to the client. One example would be the ability to minimize the time from conception to completion of a project, while still providing meticulous, cost-effective solutions that add value to the project. The end result for the client is an increased return on capital investments, in an expedited timeframe.

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From The Owner

Anne Best Johnson,

Land Manager

WCE's ability to see alternative solutions have saved time and money. Their consistency and reliability offer an invaluable service. I have worked with WCE on residential, commercial, industrial and environmental projects for the past 15 years.

Stacy W. Hebb,


I have been to WCE and met with their staff. Their operation and safety are second to none. I also observed a flight of one of their mapping drones. Very impressive. If you are able to work out a flight with them (I know that can be tough) I would trust them implicitly.

Ugljesa Janjic,


I’ve been working with WCE for over 10 years now and they have become a go-to person when it comes to civil engineering on my projects.... their expertise in civil engineering stems from a long track record on many projects: educational, commercial, and government.

"We are very fortunate to have worked on many exciting high profile UAS projects and are also very excited at the potential that the future holds for tackling bigger and more complex projects. WCE is also privileged to have worked alongside UAS industry leaders in business, automation and science to address a diverse set of specific needs, solutions for which, were previously unrealistic or too inefficient before drone technologies."

-Mary Wohnrade, P.E., Owner




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