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LiDAR Data

LiDAR is a highly accurate and reliable method of extracting elevation data which makes it a mainstay in the AEC Industry. Read below to learn more.

Why Our Firm Uses LiDAR Data


High Density Data

Because our drones are able to fly so close to the ground (400 feet or less) we are able to generate a very high-quality point cloud, easily reaching 100+ points per square meter densities. While the image above may appear picturesque it is actually an extremely high-density LiDAR point cloud.




Drones have revolutionized the LiDAR space because of their ability to perform collections over small areas. Ordering a manned aerial LiDAR collection is often cost prohibitive for areas less than one square mile. Our drones are making LiDAR available to those with project budgets that previously couldn’t afford this premium data.



Like sunlight through the leaves of a forest, near-infrared light emitted from an airborne LiDAR unit is able to illuminate ground features. LiDAR’s unique ability to collect multiple point returns allows it to see beyond canopy surfaces and extract a much more accurate ground surface elevation.

Image by Eric Rothermel


The collection and certified processing of LiDAR data can often delay a project timeline because of file transfers and miscommunication between parties. WCE is able to collect and process everything under one roof. Our certified drone pilots and LiDAR technicians work in close collaboration, further expediting delivery of data.



The use of LiDAR is able to generate a very highly precise and sought after digital elevation model. Producing high-quality DEMs can be very difficult when utilizing photogrammetry, by comparison. Densely vegetated areas like wetlands and forests can only be mapped using LiDAR.



LiDAR data collections using unmanned aerial systems completely removes humans from the cockpit and increases safety. During field operations, WCE’s priority is always maintaining a safe environment for our employees and surrounding nonparticipants. Rest easy knowing that WCE highly trained and safety-focused industry experts are collecting your data.

Consistently satisfying the needs of our engineering and surveying clients across Colorado. For each of these projects, we deliver engineering-grade products for seamless integration with popular CAD software packages.

Where ACCURACY Matters

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